Sexy indian girls dating causes teenage dating abuse

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Let me clear one point here we did not demand any dowry and on the downside we actually asked the girls family not to pay for the wedding as well because we were very happy just to get the girl in our family.

My family in fact took a loan to arrange for the marriage.

My grandfather and my grandmother literally pleaded with folded hand and tried to reason it out with the girl and her family as to what had they done to deserve such a thing.

My family ended up paying around 10 lakhs totally for apparently no mistake of ours. Even keeping the monetary loss aside, the emotional loss was not explainable.

The girl had taken help from a so called protector of women rights the MAHILA SABHA i think. My uncle remained in a jail for a period of 2 months.

During this time he was repeatedly tortured and made to work in unhygienic conditions by the policemen who were obviously receiving money from the girl's family.

For the people who are wondering about how we got such a huge amount of money, we sold everything we had. My uncle began to totally shun the company of women and also looked upon every act of kindness from every female co-worker and also the family members as a kind of trap and he was affected severely and began to have a moody attitude and it took a long time for my family to recover from his incident.

Whenever i reflect on this incident, I feel so frustrated because my family had to suffer only because they trusted a few elders and decided to pre-pone the wedding.

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After the engagement the girl repeatedly told my uncle to think about moving with her family by leaving my grandmother and all back home.

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