Slovak dating customs who is giovanni ribisi dating

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Slovak dating customs

While you clink your glass with your counterpart’s glass, make sure that you look directly into his/her eyes; not doing so is regarded as being very impolite and disrespectful, although he/she would not convey this feeling to you.Nevertheless, Slovaks have already learned that North Americans do not follow this habit, therefore they would probably understand if you did not follow it.Other than language and a slightly lower standard of living there is little cultural difference between west-central Slovakia and Canada. During the last 7 years, Slovakia has become rapidly westernized.Inquiries into the natural beauty of Slovakia’s landscape, especially its mountains, castles and the Danube River or comments on the beauty of the city/town centrums can be good topics to initiate conversation.

The Balkan war took place in Slovenia, not in Slovakia.

Finally, it is important to differentiate Slovakia/the Slovak Republic, from the Czech Republic.

Ten years ago, these two countries were one—the Czechoslovak Republic. The Slovak and Czech Republics joined just before the WWII in order to better defend themselves from German invasion.

Slovakians are very proud of both their metropolitan and rural/recreational areas. They will describe their country’s history and political situation with ease, but it is best to let them lead the discussion.

There is some uneasiness surrounding the following subjects and it would be best to avoid them until you become familiar with your host: Roma (gypsies); government policy towards Hungarians, and Slovakia’s role in World War II.

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Sometimes foreigners think that Slovakia is a very underdeveloped country. Of course, Slovaks are very sensitive to such comments.

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