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Speed dating for cheaters

They post misleading pictures that can trap you into thinking you're meeting your dreamboat only to find a shipwreck waiting for you.

Let's face it, not everyone looks as good as George Clooney or Angelina Jolie.

Posted Oct 10th 2007 PM by Joshua Fruhlinger This article came from AOL Everyone's doing it - over 40 percent of U. So the Internet must be a great place to find true love, right? While online dating can be a great way to find someone new, dating sites are littered with scam artists, cheaters, and straight-up liars.

They're not ready, and you don't want to be their fixer-upper.

Membership Fishers You finally got a response to your profile, and she's hot!

You're all set to respond to the beauty queen, but there's one problem: Her profile happens to be over at some other site.

In one fell swoop, our poor girl found out the man she met online was not only a father -- he was married! While you don't want to ask too many questions and scare the person away, it's perfectly fair to verify the big things: age, weight, height, and -- most of all -- whether or not that person is, in fact, single.

She moved back to the United States and has given up on online dating since. Though it may be listed on someone's profile, someone's age is fair game in the questions department, so feel free to ask your potential date how old (or young! Half the time, people lie on their profiles to get people interested -- nine times out of ten, someone will level with you about their stats once you show some real interest, since they know they might have a chance of meeting you in person. Photo Fakes Dating site traffic analyses show that profiles with pictures are clicked on twice as much as those without.

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In one recent case, a woman met a man on a popular dating site with whom she immediately hit it off.

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