Speed dating in n ireland

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“The reason I joined a dating agency primarily was because I had a bad experience with online dating,” she says.“It was a very significant episode for me because up until that moment, I had always felt very capable.She sold up her bakery business and went back to college, to study psychology, counselling and executive coaching. “I’ve always been interested in anything that involves relationships, human nature and how people operate.I’m fascinated by psychology and what makes people tick and have built up a library of books over the years,” she says.

Having worked in manufacturing for many years, she had the necessary entrepreneurial skills to put her plan into action.

I’d always presumed that if I found myself in a threatening, awkward or uncomfortable situation I’d be able to handle myself.” While she doesn’t want to reveal the exact nature of the upsetting incident she says it was “very threatening” and made her realise that her personal safety was her main priority.

“I dipped my toe into online dating on and off for a few years prior to that incident,” she says.

Potential clients undergo a telephone assessment first, then a face-to-face interview, which Jennifer is quick to point out is relaxed and informal.

If the team feel there is someone on their books that is a suitable match, they will take the new client on.

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Raising a family single-handedly, longer working hours, less socializing and financial restrictions mean that for many, the traditional ways of meeting potential suitors are being replaced with online dating and social media sites.