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Speed dating quotes

Songbird's only weapons are the metal talons mounted on its feet and knuckles, but its immense size, strength and speed allow it to effortlessly obliterate people, vehicles, and even structures.When Elizabeth was imprisoned in Columbia, Songbird was created for the sole purpose of keeping her imprisoned within her Tower, and became the most feared creature in the city.Songbird is not encountered again until Booker and Elizabeth take over Comstock's airship, The Hand of the Prophet.

Yet another statue plays the tune, which alerts Songbird to their location, and they barely escape detection.Once Booker and Elizabeth finally reach their airship, The First Lady, after the revolt at Fink Manufacturing, they begin to fly out of Columbia.Suddenly, a statue on the ship calls Songbird by playing a specific tune built into it.In the end, the bond between Songbird and Elizabeth was established by a freak accident -- Songbird escaped the laboratory and accidentally crashed into Elizabeth's tower, forcing Elizabeth to repair its breather.This created a successful pairbond between the creature and Elizabeth, and it would protect her fiercely — On the other hand, Suchong erroneously believed that DNA, in particular, a hair sample, was the cause of the pairbond, and attempted multiple times to figure out how to replicate the Songbird's pairbond with his own Big Daddies.

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As Booker and Elizabeth pass the gate into Comstock House and head for the bridge, Songbird launches a surprise attack, flying from below and pinning Booker.