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Test google updating search results

The point of this exercise is simply to say that we can judge GSC's data from multiple perspectives, and it is important to tease these out so we know , lists off several potential errors including Duplicate Titles, Duplicate Descriptions, and other actionable recommendations.

Fortunately, this first example gives us an opportunity to outline methods for testing both the of the data.

Depending upon the problem we are addressing as SEOs, we may care more about one or another.

For example, let's assume that page speed was an incredibly important ranking factor and we wanted to help a customer.

However, given the consistency with the site: command and GSC's Index Status, I believe this is more of a problem with the way internal links are represented than with the Index Status metric.

Thus, depending on how well GSC's sample links comprehensively describe the links across the web, we might reject that metric and use a combination of other sources (like Open Site Explorer, Majestic, and Ahrefs) which will give us greater coverage.

Let's test Google's recommendation to see if it is externally and internally valid.

External Validity: In this case, the external validity is simply whether the data accurately reflects pages as they appear on the Internet.

We found the link count method to be difficult to use, though. The site in question has 1,587 pages indexed according to GSC, but the home page to that site has 7,080 links.

This seems highly unrealistic, as we were unable to find a single page, much less the majority of pages, with 4 or more links back to the home page.

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