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Top 10 totally  dating sites

Ugly Schmucks is for singles who just know they don't exactly stack up to conventional beauty standards, and they're fine with finding someone else like that too.Even so, it's a common issue online daters share when they meet people in person who look almost nothing like their profiles pictures.The site's slogan, "City folk just don't get it" really sums it up quite well.

Believe it or not, this site is part of a network of over 250 other niche sites for online dating -- from pirate enthusiasts and scuba divers, to truckers and redheads.

The service has apparently been helping thousands of "lonely sea captains" find their match.

"In the unforgiving ocean of love," the site reads, "let us be your lighthouse." Farmers Only offers a nice solution to rural singles, but for those who want to get even more specific about their love for farm animals -- specifically horses -- there's Equestrian Cupid.

Online dating is popular among suburban residents and city goers, with more potential matches and more things to do on a date in the most highly populated locations.

But for people who don't work the typical 9-to-5 and live in a concrete jungle, there's​ Farmers Only -- a dating site for rural dwellers who prefer a simpler, easygoing and less rushed lifestyle.

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Settle for Love is a website made for people who are willing to "embrace imperfection" and just settle down already.

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