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He farther went ahead to serve in the Swedish military for a year and a half.After he completed his service, he left Sweden and went to England where he attended Leeds Beckett University.The news is about as disappointing as finding out there's another Skarsgard and Googling him.If you are a fan of “Zoolander,” you must have watched Alexander Skarsgard.

Why is it so easy to feel genuine anger towards two people who dare to date each other? Take for example, Matt Damon and his wife, who was previously a waitress.

Skarsgard played Meekus in the first movie and Adam in the second one.

Both films received mixed reviews, but Skarsgard’s net worth grew further from the roles.

When Chris Brown hit Rihanna, and then she went back to him, the world collectively gave them both the finger.

It's one thing to excuse domestic abuse as a normal person, but somehow because she was famous we weren't sympathetic or worried.

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His father’s connections helped Skarsgard land his first role when he was just seven years.

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