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Although some arbitrary conditions may be used, nevertheless the equi-join is most commonly used because this operation reproduces a certain entity split by two entities as a result of a normalization process.

Even though different tables have columns with the same names, the dot notation is needed for uniqueness: Note that in this case the Product qualifier may not be already used in other clauses of the SELECT statement.

The condition for the above tables may be a coincidence of the values, say, in the columns a and c: i.e.

A Trigger is a small (or large) My SQL command that is triggered when a specific set of conditions are met.Not supported in this case meaning: it may work in your particular case but if you have problems you are on your own.Additionally, tt-rss requires: While you can use either database, Postgre SQL should run tt-rss faster and is, in general, a much more reliable choice.The INNER and OUTER keywords may be omitted, because the outer join is uniquely defined by its type: LEFT, RIGHT, or FULL, whereas the inner join is simply refered to as JOIN.A predicate specifies the condition of joining the rows from different tables.

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You would normally run the purchase code & then run the stock recalculation.

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  1. yes or no ) ) I've created a form from each table ( Stock form to add stock to stock , new Incident to issue(give) a cartridge --- So the question is after I tried to make this clear... oh and please excuse my English ( not my first language) and my long explanation ..