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Updating office

Therefor, this release can be up to 4 months behind the Monthly Channel.Updates for this channel are being released once a month.I sometimes see announcements about new features being added or fixes being made to Office 2016. When I compared my build number of Outlook 2016 to the one of a friend, I saw that his was newer.

One-time purchase installations are non-subscription based editions of Office 2016 suites.This build is recommended to be assigned to a select amount of people within a corporation that has decided to use the Semi-annual Channel.The Semi-annual Channel will only receive 2 updates per year and will receive the updates with a delay as well.If you don’t have this section at all, you are using an MSI-based installation.The Monthly Channel is the official up-to-date stable release of Office 365.

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The following Office Update Channels, newest to oldest, are available.

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