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This has been done by some other countries over the years, including the United Kingdom in 2003 and New Zealand in 2008.

Some changes are minor, for example changing a 'y' to an 'i', and will not affect how the ingredient name is pronounced. For these products, medicine labels will need to use both the old and new ingredient name for an additional three years after the end of the transition period (until 2023) to help consumers and healthcare professionals become familiar with the new name.

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We are updating some medicine ingredient names used in Australia to align with names used internationally.

It can quickly translate almost any text in 58 languages, and pronounce for 34 languages of them.

It also enables users to translate website directly.

For example, medicines containing lignocaine will need to be dual labelled as 'lidocaine (lignocaine)'.

Google Translate Desktop is a free portable desktop translator based on google translate.

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In different countries, different names are used to describe the same medicinal ingredient.

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