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Watch blind dating full movie

It gets seriously comical when the director talks about the complex choices the actors made (to swear or not to swear?

) and how much he respected Eddie Kaye Thomas’ talent (because it must be hard to convincingly play a guy who runs a brothel in the backseat of his limousine).

On top of cheesy lines like “you’re a guinea not a guinea pig,” and over-the-top characters (see dating montage), the writers never thought to develop the one compelling romance at the heart of the storyline.

What’s most disappointing about Blind Dating though, is that Chris Pine actually gives a believable performance.

If nothing else, the DVD of Blind Dating really emulates the experience of going on a blind date: you go in with a mixture of hope and fear, you start off pleasantly surprised and then quickly fall into despair when it’s not as bad as you expected…it’s worse.

As he prepares for an experimental treatment that at best can give him black and white vision just crisp enough to identify a face, he agrees to allow his greasy older brother Larry (Eddie Kay Thomas) to set him up on a series of ‘blind dates”…no pun intended… As Danny suffers through endless dates from overacting hell, he finally makes a connection with Leeza (Anjali Jay), the Indian receptionist at his eye doctor’s office.

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The DVD is subtitled in English, French and Spanish but the main attraction is the descriptive soundtrack for the visually impaired, a considerate move with regard to the film’s subject matter, though no amount of description can really make the film any more enjoyable.

The features section of the disc kicks off with a clip-heavy making-of featurette, which tries to add depth to a movie about a blind virgin trying to see or get laid, whichever comes first.

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